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When I bought the van the back was already somewhat kitted out with a floor, walls and ceiling. There were fibreglass insulation bats in the cavities, a cargo barrier door and also lights + exhaust vents on the roof. Before I could start the van build, I had to remove everything and start from a fresh canvas again.


1. I started by drilling out all the rivets holding in the ply/checkerplate sheets to the walls and ceiling. I ripped off all the sheets to uncover the exposed fibreglass insulation. I grabbed 2 large sized garbage bags and filled them completely. *(Wear gloves, a long sleeve shirt/pants with a breathing mask to avoid being annoyingly ichy and breathing in fibres).

Once all the insulation was removed, I had to scrape away all the glue residue left behind. I ended up using a sanding wheel on a drill and grinder to make this job much easier.

Removing Insulation


2. Next I removed the floor by undoing all the bolts and using a wrecking bar to pry it up. I cut the vinyl flooring along where the ply pieces were butted together to make for an easier removal.

3. Once the floor was removed, I cleaned the floor with warm water and a broom heavily scrubbing to remove all dirt and grime. After it dried I used a grinder with a wire wheel brush to remove any rust build up in the back of the van. I cleaned once more after this, and then put a coat of white rust protector paint on any grinded areas.

Cleaning the van

4. I removed the lights and vents from the roof, which left small holes in the roof. I bought a small off cut of 2mm thick aluminium sheet from a steel fabrication place. Out of this piece I cut about 30 small squares (40x40mm) and 1 large square to cover the holes on the roof and underneath the van (from all the bolts for the floor).

5. Once cut, I filed the edges smooth and then put a coat of the white rust protector paint on. I used clear roof & gutter Sika Flex to adhere the squares to the metal frame of the van. I ran a bead of Sika around the square also for a maximum seal. *(Having a wet finger with a rag to manipulate the Sika Flex makes it a lot easier).

Sika Flex Squares


Sika Flex Under Van


6. I used the medium sanding disk that mounts into a drill to remove rust on the top of the van. I was careful not to go to deep and remove too much paint. Once finished, I used a blower to get rid of any debri on top of the van, followed by spraying the surface off with a hose. I applied white rust protector paint over where I had sanded, and also over the aluminium squares (only on roof, not under the vehicle).

Removing Rust


Now the van is completely stripped out, sealed and protected from rust. Next I will focus on installing sound deader to decrease van body noise. The first stage took me longer than expected, and I think most things will on this project. It will all be worth it in the end!

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