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Sound Deadener does exactly what its name says, dampens the sound. By sound I mean the vibrations of the van when you are driving along the road. Before I installed it, just going over small bumps in the road sounded like a mini explosion due to the large spacial area in the back of the van.

Now obviously when the build is finished, the walls, ceiling and floor will have a layer of insulation and flooring/sheeting over them + cabinetry which will all help to reduce this noise. Although, the difference prior to being installed to after made a drastic reduction in road/body noise.

Your van will most likely already have some sound deadener installed stock from the manufacturer. Although, I would recommend to install additional sound deadener if you’re van is still completely stripped out, however it is defintely not required in any shape or form.

The Product

Fat Mat RattleTrap (80mil) 50sq foot (4.5m2)

I used the entire 50sq foot (4.5m2) of Fat Mat RattleTrap throughout my van. A point to note is that you don’t have to cover the entire surface area of the metal, only small portions of it.


1. Clean all surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and clean rag.

Isopropyl Alcohol

2. Measure and cut out pieces with stanley knife (I measured and cut at least 15-20 pieces at a time to increase speed and efficiency.

ep.2 Measuring sound deadener

3. Strip back paper backing halfway, eye up to center and stick bottom side on first. Start rolling from inside and working your way to the sides, continuing upwards. Once completely stuck down, roll over entire surface for firm adhesion.

Ep.2 Sound Deadener Graphic

4. (Optional) I made up around 80 pieces of RattleTrap to pack out the ceiling. I did this because the rigid foam insulation I will be using needs a flat (or close to) surface to stick to. The ceiling battens had little ribs on them, sitting roughly 5mm lower than the existing sound deadener.

I stacked 2 extra layers of the pieces I made on the existing sound deadener to essentially bring the ceiling lower where the insulation will adhere to later.

Ep.2 Sound Deadening Packing out

Ep.2 Sound Deadener Ceiling


Ep.2 Sound Deadener Completed

Congratulations, you’ve now installed all your sound deadener. Now go for a drive down the road and see the difference it makes!

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