About Me

Hey everyone, how’re you doing? My names Jaz.

I’m a 24 year old Australian, seeking lifes adventures through travel. When I was younger (10-17) I had done some road trips across a few states in Australia with my family, had been to Bali and New Zealand also. I travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia for 3 weeks in 2014 with my sister, which was a real tipping point for me in life.

Cambodia floating villages


I remember deciding in Cambodia that I was going to move to Bali. When we returned from that trip, I booked a one-way ticket to Bali, giving myself 3 months to save. During these 3 months, I didn’t waste any money, I worked as much as possible and sold all my possessions except my surfboard, clothes, laptop, cameras etc.

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It took me no time at all to get on my feet in Bali. My life had flipped upside down (or right side up) from going to work Monday – Friday, to going to the beach and surfing any time I wanted. I learnt Bahasa Indonesian (Indonesian) during the span of 1 year living in Bali. I consider myself a modest speaker, still not fluent.

How to Learn Indonesian (Blog Post)

My adventures in Bali (and 7 other islands in East Indonesia) were complete with amazing people, experiences, lessons, views, beaches, oceans, parties, food and much more! After living in Bali I came back to Australia because money was running low, I purchased a cheap van and kitted it out for dirt cheap to travel down the East Coast of Australia.

Lying in van


Simple DIY Van to Home Conversion Less Than $350

I continued adventuring all the way down to the Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia. I fell in love with the van life, but money eventually ran out, and at this point I hadn’t been working in 16 months! I give myself a pat on the back though, making 3 months of savings span for 16 months of travel without earning a dime the entire time.

The perpetual travel lifestyle was put on hold temporarily, whilst I saved money again. This time not so rushed, and allowing myself more time to save. I bought a 2009 Mercedes Sprinter LWB van, in which I am going to kit out and convert to my Australian home on wheels.

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2009 Mercedes Sprinter


I’m going to completely strip the van, starting fresh installing proper insulation, electrical, plumbing, gas etc. I am going to document the entire van build journey in a video series + ebook. Be sure to keep up to date with my Instagram and Youtube for regular updates.

This is where I am currently at in life, about to jump into the sea of the unknown again just like I did when I left for Bali.

My goals are to:

  • Complete van build
  • Travel around all of Australia
  • Travel around the whole world
  • Inspire others and meet other like-minded travellers

I hope this has given you some insight into who I am and my journey. If you resonate with the vibes I put out, feel free to subscribe to receive future van build updates and upcoming free van build video tutorials + ebooks.

Other Info

Age – 24

Born – Darwin, Australia

Profession – Electrician

Interests – Travel, Photography, Cinematography, Surfing, Skating, Learning Languages, Music

Lifestyle – Vegan, Adventure, Beach

Languages – Indonesian (modest), Spanish (basic)


Instagram – www.instagram.com/travelwithjaz/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/travelwithjaz



Thanks for coming to my site and checking out my travel adventures, it means a lot!

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